Kids Exchange Consignment Sale Community Recruit Program

Moms, would you like to:

*Make extra money as you run your everyday errands? *Shop early at the Kids Exchange for the best items & prices with no volunteer hours required?

*Positively affect your community by offering local parents a money-making, recession-busting idea?


The Kids Exchange Consignment Sale is a bi-annual event where parents sell their gently used kids items and make 2/3rds of their asking price. The Kids Exchange is open to the public and anyone can buy and sell. The Kids Exchange started in Raleigh, NC 14 years ago and the now has over 3000 Sellers (Consignors) and 30,000 shoppers at each of their 8 day events. Kids Exchange Raleigh is the largest consignment event in the nation and is one of Business Leader Magazine’s Top 300 Businesses in the South 2010!

Kids Exchange International began their franchise program this past year and now has a franchise in the Pelham / Birmingham, Alabama! We’re on our way to reaching those goals too! Kids Exchange firmly believes that advertising is best accomplished by parents sharing this money making, recession busting event with other parents. This is where you come in as part of our ‘Community Recruit’ program.   20 people in the Greater Pelham area will be hired on straight commission to simply spread the word about the Kids Exchange and encourage other parents to sell their unneeded items. This is a source of income you can build on as you live your normal, everyday life. Simply talk about Kids Exchange, give out brochures and remind them to use your Recruiter Referral # when they register on line.  That’s it.  You will receive commission for each seller you refer that brings at least $100 worth of items to sell. This is equal to approx 20-25 clothing items or 1 crib and is easily accomplished. Most sellers (consignors) bring well over $500 – $600 worth of items to sell.

You will receive fliers to hand out to friends, family, co-workers or anyone in your area.   You may also choose to send an email with the appropriate information or scanned flier.    You will be paid for each confirmed referral as outlined below.    You will receive your payment in full no later than one week after the event has ended.

Pay Scale:

$10 per consignor


+20 = $50 bonus

+35 = $100

+50 = $300 bonus


PLUS $300 bonus Potential for Community Recruiter bringing 50 Sellers: $800 per Kids Exchange Sale!

*An eligible consignor is anyone who brings items that equal $100 or more to sell. This is based not on what is ‘sold’…but by how much the consignor brings.

How to get started: If you would like to join this program, we simply need a commitment from you that you will work hard to bring sellers / consignors to the next event.

Contact Ross to join us:  (205) 427-1133 or

Community Recruiter Info

Our philosophy: ‘You don’t have to work HARD any of the time if you work a little ALL the time’. Simply keep the Kids Exchange flyers with you throughout your day. You may also use internet marketing, such as your facebook page, to build your referral base. We feel it is well within your reach as a Community Recruiter to earn at least $500 for each Kids Exchange Sale. This amount of money can easily cloth (in full) a family with 3 kids for the upcoming season! Community Recruiters bringing 20+ NEW sellers will be allowed to shop first with our volunteers (without working any volunteer shifts), giving you the opportunity to purchase the best items for the lowest prices.. You will be paid for any and all consignors that you refer regardless of the numbers, but we want committed people as part of our program that plan to work daily in spreading the word about the Kids Exchange as they are at school, church, neighborhoods, restaurants, grocery stores, parks, libraries, story times, coffee shops, etc.

We will only be accepting the first 20 people who commit to our ‘Community Recruit’ program. Reply today with your commitment and we will get your brochures to you ASAP. Thank you for your interest in the Kids Exchange Consignment Sale.


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