No Cost Fundraising For Your Organization

The Kids Exchange is a bi-annual children’s and maternity consignment sale that allows parents to make money on items they no longer need and buy items they do need for bargain prices. Organizations, whose donations may be down due to the economy, can greatly benefit from this no-cost fundraising effort. Not only will your organization raise money, but it will also help in a great effort to serve the community.

How Does It Work? Organizations request that parents donate their unneeded gently used children’s and maternity items.  The organization signs up as a single SELLER on the Kids Exchange website.   The members of your organization do not sign up as different sellers.   They log into the Kids Exchange website and print off tags with your organizations Seller #.  Your members tag their unneeded items and drop them off at the Kids Exchange during one of our Receiving Days.    Kids Exchange sellers the items and sends your organization a check for 2/3rds of all items that sold with the organizations tags attached.   It’s simple, efficient and a GREAT money maker!
Your organization makes 2/3rd of the price on all items sold from ALL your members!

There is no better way to raise money!

The Kids Exchange consignment sale is a community event and humanitarian effort. It is great for families and provides opportunities for organizations to raise money for their causes. Local charities and organizations also benefit by receiving donations. These donations directly help needy families provide clothing, supplies, and toys for their children.

The sale is scheduled for March 5-12 in the Pelham area.

To Get Started or For More Information,

Contact: Brock Gilbert & Ross Blaising



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