Buy – Sell – Serve

The Kids Exchange concept is truly ‘a pot of gold at both ends of the rainbow’. Buy & Sell to take full advantage of this great bi-annual community event.

SELL: Kids Exchange sales provide an avenue for parents to sell items their kids no longer need. This creates additional income for your family! Kids Exchange is open to the public. We invite anyone to sell their unneeded items and turn their time into CASH $! Sellers make 2/3rd of their asking price. Sellers do not need to be present during the event. They simply tag their items for sale, drop them off during our receiving time, and pick up what doesn’t sale (or donate to charity). Checks are mailed to Sellers 2 weeks after the Sale ends. Join us in this creative fun way to bring extra income to your family or organization. To sell, visit your city’s website off our homepage and register as a new Seller, then access our Seller University for detail on tagging and dropping off your items.

BUY: Kids Exchange Sales are open to the public and FREE ADMISSION. You do not have to sell items in order to shop. Anyone is welcome. There is no better place to find bargains for your children’s items. The Kids Exchange Sale provides you with a large amount of gently used items to choose from. Items are priced at 1/4 – 1/3 of their original price. Shoppers are invited to volunteer their time in our ‘Work Exchange’ program and SHOP FIRST, Sell with the Kids Exchange and shop 2nd or shop as a public shopper on any of our public shopping days. The last day of the sale is our ½ Price day with the majority of items going half price! Visit your city’s website off our homepage for dates, times and directions.

SERVE: Kids Exchange Sales offer a wonderful opportunity to give back to your community. Sign up for a (5) hour working shift in our Work Exchange Program and shop 1st! What a great way to get the best of the bargains and serve your community at the same time. The concept of ‘Parents serving Parents’ is the heart of our Sales.

As a Seller, you can choose to donate any unsold items to a local charity, carefully chosen by your local Kids Exchange Owner. Any items you tag with a WHITE tag will automatically go to someone in need if not sold during the Kids Exchange Sale. Join us in reaching thousands of people in need both in our community and people around the world.

BUY – SELL – SERVE: We invite you to join the Kids Exchange family and get involved in your local event.

*Next Step: to get involved, please click here to choose your city.

*If there is not a Kids Exchange in your city, franchise opportunities are available. If you or someone you know would like to bring this great opportunity to your community, please contact



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