Welcome Sellers!

Thank you for choosing to sell your items at the Kids Exchange.

Eveything you need to know about selling at Kids Exchange Fayetteville is below.

The Basics:

  • Kids Exchange is open to the public. Anyone is welcome to SELL at the Kids Exchange.
  • Seller’s make 2/3rd of their asking price
  • A $10 Selling fee is deducted from each Seller’s check to help cover the cost of building rent. (Prepay below and get 1/2 off consignor fee)
  • Sellers receive (2) passes to the Seller’s Sale, allowing you & a guest to shop before the public.
  • Sellers tag & place their items out for sell, and then pick up (or donate) unsold items at the end of the sale. Sellers are NOT required to be onsite during the event.
  • Checks are mailed within two weeks after the Sale.
  • Volunteer and Earn even more! Read about it on the Work Exchange tab.
  • WE ACCEPT TAGS FROM OTHER SALES!!  No need to re-tag, just Register with Kids Exchange and choose the same consignor # that you have with other sales and bring your items to our sale!! Please put resort stickers or write KX resort number (Bottom Right Corner) on current tags for sorting purposes!  Reminder: If unsold, White tag items go to charity and color is sorted for pick up.  Use a highlighter to add color to existing tags if needed! (If consignor # is not available call or email Cassi for special instructions Fayetteville@KXConsignment.com  (919) 332-1081)
  • Returning Sellers:  If you register immediately when the system opens you will be assigned the same sort number that you had at the last sale, no need to re-tag items!  If you get a new sort number all you have to do it print resort stickers and put them on the old tags!
  • Don’t have a printer?  Don’t worry, we can print tags for you!  Email Cassi for info – Fayetteville@KXConsignment.com

Simple steps to Selling:

  1. Register as a Seller for the upcoming Sale (New & Returning Sellers)
  2. Print tags
  3. Tag your items
  4. Place items on the sales floor during our receiving days
  5. Pick up unsold items (or donate)
  6. Cash your check & enjoy your CLEAN CLOSETS!

Let’s get started:

Click Here for a printable copy of our SELLING MANUAL (recommended for all new Sellers)

Click Here to view our 3 part TAGGING TIPS series (recommended for all Sellers)

Click Here to view our online SELLER UNIVERSITY (for quick answers and selling tips)

(Please read Selling Manual or review Seller University before registering & printing tags)

*After registering for the upcoming Sale, Sellers can quickly access and print tags by clicking on the gold price tag located at the bottom left of the homepage and also at the top right corner of this page.

Enter Seller University by clicking below and find answers to FAQ (frequently asked questions).   Look for the FAQ chalkboard in Seller U!

Thank you for selling with the Kids Exchange. We value your partnership and are committed to providing the best selling environment possible for our Sellers!




PRE-PAY your consignor fee to receive 1/2 off!!

Consignor Name & Number

 WIN!!!!! WIN!!!!! WIN!!!!!

ANY existing seller who refers a NEW seller will be entered to win 100% of their sales! The new seller must bring items to the sale and put the name of the existing seller as the referral during registration. Unlimited number of entries permitted!

Made in NC

We are also very excited about a new section of the sale called “Made in NC”!  We are currently looking for people who make items that families and children would be interested in.

Please email Cassi for details!  Fayetteville@KXConsignment.com


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