Owner Requirements

Do you or your business partner fit the descriptions below?

We are looking for Franchise Owners who are:

*Self Motivated Go Getters: Willing to ‘do what it takes’ to ensure success!

*Marketing Minded: Sales experience is NOT required, but will be very helpful. However, with no sales / marketing experience, you MUST be willing to step outside of your ‘comfort box’ and learn a new skill. Your success depends highly on your willingness to market and advertise yourself, in person, face-to-face.

~ Outgoing personalities needed!


Marketing is our specialty and we are willing to train you to success, but we must have willing owners.

*At least one primary owner must be willing to learn proactive marketing skills. It is appropriate to have a less outgoing partner in charge of accounting and internet activity, but at least one partner needs to be able to speak in public settings and work publicly to advertise the sale.

*Person of Integrity: We’re looking for owners who share our desire to ‘do right’ by those we come in contact with. We believe that there is a standard that should be lived by and to the best of our ability we strive to live up to these standards. We will choose to do business with others who also have this desire.

*Computer Literate: At least one owner should be very comfortable with computers. Our POS systems and accounting are very simply and you will receive great training and support, but it is necessary to have a basic knowledge and comfort dealing with multiple computers and software programs.

*Financially Stable: With your application, KXI will also require a credit report & financial statement to confirm a positive net worth. Perfect credit is not required.

*Community Minded: There is a passion that comes along with this business. Being financial stable with high profits is a great end result, but a desire & passion to help and serve those around you gets you to this success level with a much happier heart and productive lifestyle.

If you or your business partner fit the description above, then you are a good fit for the Kids Exchange!

We would be honored to work with you in building a successful business in your community.


Franchise Opportunities Contact
If you are ready for the next step in considering your purchase of a Kids exchange International Franchise,
please email Bill@KidsExchange.net for one of the following:

1. Franchise Brochure

2. Video of the KXI Informational meeting

3. KXI Franchise Application


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