Marketing Handouts


Handout Option #1:


The handout is 2 to a page and should be printed on 11” x 17” paper / front & back / black & white.    If using for a mail out, use postcard stock weight paper.   If using as a handout, use medium weight copy paper.    We have found that Hot Pink is a good color for these brochures, but any color choice can be used.

Handout Option #2

This document should be used when placing fliers on cars in a parking lot.   This form of advertising is very productive and is detailed in your Owner’s Manual.   Fliers should be place by driver’s door handle when possible instead of on windshield, making it easier for drivers to retrieve.   Fliers will normal slip between the window glass and the black rubber strip.   See your Owner’s Manual for more details on this marketing avenue.


Fliers are 6 to a page and should be printed on 11” x 17” paper.   We have found HOT PINK to be a good color, but any color choice can be used.   Experiment with what paper weight works best for you.    You can print on regular copy paper weight or a thicker medium weight paper.    These fliers can be left for pickup in OBGYN offices, pediatrician offices, churches, coffee shops, retail shops, etc.

*Cost Savings Hint:  It is much cheaper to print ‘black ink only’ on a colored paper than to print ‘full color’ on white paper.   If price is an issue, choose black ink on bright pink paper.


*Car Flier (Publisher File)

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*Car Flier (Mac Pages File) with KX Logo

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Fundraising Flier – give to organizations to encourage them to have their participants sell items under the organziation’s kx barcode as a fundraiser  (Thank you VA Beach for sharing this Marketing Tool.) – coming soon

Fundraising Flier option #2 – (designed in Mac Pages)


Large Flier for Mailing:   in Pages   *   in PDF