POS Instructions

Point of Sale Instructions

-Log in to your account by going to http://www.mysalemanager.net/p_login.aspx type in your user ID, and your password.

-Click on My Account

-Click on Download Software

-Click on Point of Sale Software “Sale Manger”

-Save the file

-Run the file, following the setup directions

-Restart your computer

-Go back to My Account

-Click on Download Software

-Click on the latest Patch file (if available)

-Save and Run

-Go back to My Account

-Click Work with Files

-Click Download My Data File

-You will receive an email with the file, follow the directions

-When you open My Sale Manager on each computer for the first time, you will set up the sale manager   configuration.

Just follow the instructions.

-You will need a jump drive/flash drive for each computer for real time back up. Create a folder on the jump drive and give it a name, like kids1. When you are setting up the sale manager configuration enter this folder as the real time back up. It is the 3rd blank. (E:\kids1) Do this for each computer. Give each file folder a different number. (kids1, kids2, etc.). Every transaction will be saved on the C drive, and also on this flash drive.

-After checking in your consignors you will copy your data file and paste it on all computers that you are using. You will copy your data file from your master computer ( my computer, C drive, MSM, then choose your file (mine is KXCH), and paste it in the same place on your other computers.

– When you down load the above, it will also download the Sale Manager User Guide (with complete


-Tips :   Once you enter the Sale Manager, you will need to login

-Click the login tag at the top of the page

-Click Admin Login to perform administration task (default User ID: admin, password: letmein)

You can add an Operator, then make the Operator active under Administrators.

-Click Register Operator Login to use the point of sale program (default User ID:test,

password:test) see line above to add an Operator

-You are now ready to test the system and practice with tags.



After your sale

-To get all information on your master

-make sure you have transferred information from all computers to your master.

-On the computers that are not the master, go to task, then export transactions.

-Save to a jump drive.

-Plug the jump drive into the master, go to task, then import transactions. Follow directions.

Before you print checks

-Go to reports

-Click on seller reports

-Enter your consignor fee , percentage, and check appropriate boxes. I check boxes 1,3 and 4.

-You will now be able to view the seller reports by going to my computer, drive C, MSM, seller reports.

-You are now ready to print checks.

-Click on reports,

-Click on print checks, and follow instructions.

Next you will upload your data back online. Using your master log in to my sale manager online. Click on Account, then Work With Files, then Upload My Data File. Follow instructions.

Congratulations! You are finished with your first sale!



To get ready for your next sale

-Log in online click my account, then create a new sale, follow instructions.

-Go to my account, account settings, go in and change all your dates/cut off times, etc.

– Go under other task and edit your seller agreement.

Before your sale, you will clear out all your data to get ready for the new data. Before you delete it you will want to save it to a jump drive or something.

-On your master computer , open my sale manager and log in ( not online , but like you are going to check people out). Choose file, then back up register database. Save it on your jump drive.

-Go to task, then prep register for sale. This will clear out everything. You will need to prep register for sale on all computers that you are using at the sale.

-You will need to download any patches that have been made since your sale ( on all computers) Using the computers that you will be using for the sale, log in to the online part of my sale manager.

–Choose Account, choose download software, scroll down and look at the latest patch, if it is not on your computers then download it. (Some years there will be a whole new version of my sale manager that you will download to each computer, but usually just a patch).

Before checking people in (after the online sign up has been turned off)

-You will use your master computer, login to the online my sale manager and go to account, then work with files, then download my data file. Then you are ready to check everyone in.

Once everyone is checked in, you will copy your data file from your master computer ( my computer, C drive, MSM, then choose your file (mine is KXCH, yours is KXTR), and paste it in the same place on your other computers.   ~ You are ready!