Sale Manager Instructions

Sale Manager Instructions:


The Kids Exchange Sale Management Program lets you manage your Kids Exchange Account. Log in to your account by going to type in your user ID, and your password.

-Under the My Account tab you can:

– Click the Account Settings tab. (This will be set up for you, for your first sale, but you will need to                                                 change the dates for your next sale).

-Click the Work With Sales tab to set up a new sale. You have to do this for each sale. (twice a year).

-Click the Download Software tab to download the point of sale program to your computers.

-Click the Order Consignor Checks tab to order checks.

-You can also view request support, view articles under the Knowledge base, and send emails.


Under the Consignors tab you can:

-Click on Consignor Reports to view reports.

-Click on Work with Consignors to register a consignor, unregister a consignor, edit a consignors information, change a consignor’s consignor number or sorting number.

-You can also prohibit consignors, and put notes on their account.

-We do not use the inventory tab.


Under the Workers tab you can:

-Work with the workers and work shifts. This is explained under the Work Shift Section in the box.


Under the Barcode/Tags tab you can:

-Order tags for a consignor (not usually necessary).

-Print tags for a consignor (not usually necessary).

-View reports.


Under Other Tasks you can:

-Click on New Moms if you wish to have a special sale time for new moms only (we do not use this).

-Click on Drop Off Scheduling if you wish to set up specific times for each consignor to drop off their items (we do not use this).

-Click on Seller Agreement to edit your seller agreement. This is something that consignors must agree to in order to participate in your sale.

-We do not use the tabs concerning categories and sizes. This is for the inventory option, which we do not use.


Under the Mailing List tab you can:

-Edit your mailing list.

-Add to your mailing list.

-Work with your mailing list.