Log in to your account by going to type in your user ID, and your password. Click on Workers, click on Work with Work Shifts, click Add a Work Shift. Fill in the information, then click submit. Repeat the step above until you have created all the desired work shifts. From the Workers menu, you can: add shifts, delete shifts, modify shifts, add workers, remove workers, and export the work shifts. If you want to create the shifts, but do not want people to be able to sign up for them yet, you can click on Workers, Work with Work Shifts, Modify Work Shifts, then click on edit beside one of the shifts, click, the drop down list beside the word “open”, and change it to “closed”, then click update. Repeat this for each shift. When you are ready for people to sign up just go back and change the shifts to open. If you edit a shift it anyway, it will revert back to “open”, so be careful to change it back to “closed” until you are ready to have people sign up. If you want to create a shift, but do not want the public to be able to see it, you can click on “private” when you are setting up the shift.   You can use this for special situations. When someone signs up to work, they will get an automatic email. To edit this email, go to My Account, Account Settings, and scroll down to the Workers section. This email includes a link for the workers confirmation page.