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Tagging Questions:

Our new Point of Sale Tagging System is now in place. Tags from past Kids Exchange Sales can not be used. If you wish to bring a pre tagged item to the July 2011 Sale, simply print your new tags on 2×4 Mailing label and apply the label over the old tag. Be sure to use white label is the item will go to charity is unsold and colored label if you’d like the item back if unsold.

We do not accept any tags from sales other than the Kids Exchange.   You must use a Kids Exchange tag printed off our website in order to sell at the Kids Exchange.   This policy is in place to protect Seller and make sure that the right person is paid for their items.

* Do I have to use metal hangers?

Yes, plastic hangers break, and your clothes end up on the floor. Most local dry cleaners will give you metal hangers for free or for a very small price.

* Can someone else drop off, and pick up for me? Yes, they will need to bring a copy of the ‘unsold items pick-up release form’, filled out and signed by the Seller. They will also need their driver’s license to leave the building with your items.

If you plan to send someone other than yourself to pick up items, please print the unsold items release form allowing them to leave the building with your items.  This form is mandatory.   You may print the ‘unsold items release form‘ off of the PICKING UP UNSOLD ITEMS chalkboard in Seller University.

* How do I tag small items, onesies, or shoes? Put small items in a ziplock bag and use clear packing tape to attach the tag to the bag. You may also safety pin small items to a hang and hang in the appropriate size section on the clothing racks.

* How do I tag my item so that it does NOT sell for 1/2 price? When printing tags, you will be asked if you want your items to be discounted.  If you do not wish for a certain item to go 1/2 price, simply choose ‘NO” when asked about the discount.   The words ‘FULL PRICE’ will appear on your tag below the price and our system will automatically charge the shopper full price when checking out.


For answers regarding the Work Exchange program, please click on the Work Exchange tab at the top of the page.



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