Shopping @ the Kids Exchange is a bargain hunter’s dream!

(ATM @ checkout:  $3 fee  /  ATM by Dorton Arena:  No Fee)

You’ve heard about this awesome event where parents can buy gently used items for their kids at a fraction of the cost of buying new. Now it’s your turn to SHOP the Kids Exchange and experience it for yourself. Below, please find helpful information to make your shopping experience the best it can be. Please bring a friend, spread the word and get ready to have the best shopping experience of the season!


ALL shoppers MUST preregister on Eventbrite
Show the e-mail ticket/reciept prior to entry.  This is FREE, but ensures the security of the sale by letting Kids Exchange know who’s shopping with us. Click this link to register.


Please click on any topic below to view details:

PLEASE NOTE:  All Sales are Final. 

Directions to the Sale
The Kids Exchange is located at the NC State Fairground in Raleigh NC: Jim Graham Building & Expo Building. Click here to enter the NC State Fairgrounds website for detailed directions.
Shopping Options: when can I shop?
Shoppers have several options for buying:Work Exchangers shop 1st, Sellers shop 2nd and the General Public shops 3rd.SHOP 1st:

Work Exchangers DO NOT have to be Sellers. Anyone can work with the Kids Exchange and SHOP 1ST! We invite you to work a (5) hour shift during the week of the Sale and join us. The Work Exchange Sale is Wednesday  7/18.

SUPER Work Exchangers {(2) – 5 hour shifts} shop @ 3pm.

Work Exchangers {(1) 5 hour shift} shop @ 5pm.

To sign-up as a Work Exchangers, please click here.

SHOP 2nd: SELLERS PRIVATE SALE: Thursday 7/19/2018  9am – 8pm

We welcome you to SELL your gently used children’s items with the Kids Exchange and become a Seller. You make 2/3rd of your asking price and shop before the general public. Sellers receive (2) passes to the Private Seller’s Sale on Thursday 7/19, 9am – 8pm. To learn more about selling your items, click here.


Kids Exchange is a FREE ADMISSION event!

Friday 7/20

Saturday 7/21

Sunday 7/22 ~ HALF PRICE DAY! *All remaining items are ½ price unless otherwise marked.


Hours of operation
Wednesday 7/18: Work Exchangers Only: SUPERS @ 3pm / Work Exchangers @ 5pm
Thursday 7/19: Sellers Only Private Sale: 9am – 8pm
Friday 7/20: Open to the Public 9am – 6pm
Saturday 7/21: Open to the Public 9am – 5pm
Sunday 7/22: Open to the Public 10am – 5pm HALF PRICE DAY!
What to bring – Are shopping carts available?
*The Kids Exchange will have a limited number of shopping carts. We highly recommend bringing your own form of ‘wheels’. A great idea is to bring a tall trash can on wheels. They can be purchased inexpensively from Wal-Mart and can serve later as a true trash can. You may also consider bringing a wagon. Make your own wagon with a carpet dolly, a large cardboard box and a rope. You won’t believe all the bargains you will find at the Kids Exchange. Come prepared with a way to ‘tote’ them around.*Wear comfortable shoes*Bring cash for concessions or drink machines*Bring your own LARGE shopping bags (or kitchen size trash bags) from home if you do not wish to purchase Kids Exchange shopping bags for $0.25/ea. Bags are mandatory.*Shopping List: The Kids Exchange can be overwhelming when you see the HUGE selection of children’s items. It’s easy to forget what you needed to buy. Make a list before hand so that you don’t forget to bargain hunt for the items you really need. Remember that the Kids Exchange is a seasonal sale and will not come around again for another 6 months. Think ahead to what you will need for the next ½ year: birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, baby equipment, shoes to fit in 5 months, etc. Think ahead and save BIG!
Free admission
The Kids Exchange is a free admission event. We want you to enjoy your shopping experience. Come on out to the Kids Exchange and see what all the excitement is about! Pre-registration is required.  The link to register to shop will be on the home page of our website the week before the sale.  You will register to shop on your phone (with EventBrite) and show your confirmation page on your phone at the door for FREE admission.
Entrance Line
Is there usually a line to get in the door each day? YES!Should I wait in this line? DEPENDS….. If there is an item you just have to have, it may be worth waiting in line to get in and give yourself the best chance possible for buying that item. If you do not have any individual item in mind, your best bet is to let the line die down and enter the Sale 30 minutes after the doors have opened. There will always be plenty to go around. We’re always AMAZED at the amount of great items still for sale on the last day.
Form of Payment Accepted
The Kids Exchange accepts Cash and all major credit cards (2.75% fee applies to credit cards).   We do not accept checks.  An ATM machine is located by the cashiers stations ($3 fee).  There is also a Cash Points machine within walking distance (by Dorton Arena) that does not charge a fee to withdraw money. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. 
What items are for sale?
If it’s for Kids, you name it and you can find it at the Kids Exchange! Below is just a sample of the great items you will find. You are shopping from over 3000 families’ unneeded items. Don’t miss this Event!Baby Equipment: highchairs, strollers, exersaucers, walkers, infant swings, mattresses, cribs, gliders, ottomans, baby gates, bouncy seats, car seats, booster seats, bath tubs, potties, diaper genies, nursing pumps & supplies, Johnny jump ups, infant shoes, infant clothing, bids, bottles, blankets, infant toys, gyms, crib linens, mobiles, and much more!Youth: clothing, shoes, toys, sporting goods, books, videos, electronic toys, dressers, bunk beds, storage bins, shelves, twin beds, artwork & room accessories, outdoor doll houses, kitchens, swing sets, basketball goals, bikes, electronic jeeps, cozy coupes, and much more!!
Checkout Line Expectations
The Kids Exchange works hard to provide an efficient checkout experience.  At peak times, shoppers could experience a wait time of 30 minutes.  The line rarely last 1 hour. Our goal is to keep the checkout line moving at all times. There may be times when the wait is a little longer, but our goal is to stay within these perimeters. With a normal shopping crowd, your wait should be between 20– 30 minutes. You may want to bring a book to read during your wait and an activity sheet for the kids. Please know that 40 people at a time will be checking out and we keep the line moving at all times. From what we hear from our very satisfied parents: IT’S WORTH THE WAIT!
Onsite concessions
The Kids Exchange does provide onsite concessions. You may want to pack a little cash to enjoy a hotdog, coke, bottle of water or a candy bar. There are also drink machines located in our lobby.
Business VendorsThe Kids Exchange includes a Parent’s Fair area full of family friendly businesses. If you have a ‘non shopper’ tagging along, there will be lots for them to see and do while you are shopping. The Kids Exchange is also located within the NC State Fairgrounds. On the weekend, the Flea Market is a short walk away for any non shoppers in your group.
Checkout Bag Requirements
The Kids Exchange requires that all purchased items leave the building in a bag. You are welcome to bring your own LARGE shopping bags or kitchen size trash bags from home. Personal shopping bags are not allowed to be used for collecting items on the Sales floor. If you bring your own bags, please keep them in your purse or wagon until checkout. Kids Exchange will also have bags for purchase at the checkout for $0.25 / each. Thank you for understanding our need to provide a secure atmosphere for our Seller’s items.Please note: small grocery store bags are too small and can not be used.

Thank you for shopping with the Kids Exchange. Our hope is that you find GREAT items for GREAT prices and that your family is blessed through this event. ~ Kids Exchange Staff



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