CAN I BRING A GUEST TO THE WORK EXCHANGE SALE? Work Exchangers are allowed to bring one adult Helper that lives at the same residence as the Work Exchanger.    Both the Work Exchanger and Helper will need to bring their driver’s license to verify their address.   Click here for details regarding the Helper Exception policy.

CAN MY CHILDREN COME WITH ME TO MY WORK EXCHANGER SHIFT? Work Exchangers CAN NOT bring children to work their shifts.  We want the best for your children & we are concerned for their safety.  Work Exchangers stay very busy during their shift.

CAN MY TEENAGE CHILDREN WORK A SHIFT? Children 16+ years old and responsible to work as an adult are welcome.

IF I SIGN UP AND FAIL TO WORK MY SHIFT, CAN I STILL BE A WORK EXCHANGER AT THE NEXT SALE? No, we have people waiting who want to be Work Exchangers.  It is extremely important that you work the shift you sign up for.  Because we can not run an efficient Sale without all Work Exchangers, people who sign up as a Work Exchange and then fail to work their assigned shift will lose their eligibility for future Sales.

*If something comes up last minute and you are unable to show, please find someone to replace you. They will check in under your name.

WHERE SHOULD I GO WHEN ARRIVING FOR MY SHIFT? Please check in at the Information Desk. Please arrive on time. We count of each and every Work Exchanger for a specific job at a set time. If you have a morning shift during a Sale day, please enter on the side of the Graham Building facing Dorton Arena.

WHERE DO I CHECK-IN WHEN ARRIVING FOR THE WORK EXCHANGE SALE? Work Exchangers should arrive at least 30 minute before their Sale time. Bring your Check-In form that you printed off the WORK EXCHANGE page on the website and check-in at the Expo Building lobby.

HOW EARLY SHOULD I ARRIVE FOR THE WORK EXCHANGE SALE? Many Work Exchangers arrive hours in advance to wait in line for first shopping choices. If you are after a certain items, this may be the way to go. If there is not a particular item that you must have, you should arrive 30-45 minutes before your Sale time to check-in and get in line. All Work Exchangers enter the Sale within a few minutes of each other during their Sale time.

DO WORK EXCHANGERS GET A BREAK DURING THEIR SHIFT? When needed, Work Exchangers will check in & out with their Team Leader and take a 5 minute break. Please eat before you arrive. There will not be time for a lunch or dinner break. Feel free to bring a snack / drink to tie you over.

ARE THERE ANY SITTING JOBS? With the busy atmosphere of the Sale, there are no sitting jobs. If you are unable to work on your feet for a (5) hour period, please recruit someone else to work in your place. It is possible for someone to work for you, but you shop early. In other words, a mom 8 ½ months pregnant can get their mother or friend to work for them, but the expecting mom can use the shopping pass instead of the person who actually worked the sale. Please note: only one person may shop per shift worked.

Thanks for giving of your time to serve others. You are a vital part of the Kids Exchange!

*Visit SHOP off our homepage for hints on getting the most out of your shopping experience.


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