Work Exchange Sign-Up Schedule


Our Work Exchangers are the heart of the Kids Exchange!  We couldn’t put on this event without you and thank you for your involvement!

The Schedule for the Fall 2016 Event is OPEN!

Program Overview:  The Work Exchange Program provides an opportunity for anyone to work in exchange for early shopping privileges.  Work Exchangers shop before Sellers and the General Public.  Anyone can join us as a Work Exchanger.  You do not have to be a Seller.  If you are a Seller and Work Exchanger, you will earn a higher percentage on your sales.  Please join us!


  • Shop before Sellers and the General Public!
  • Avoid long lines to enter and checkout!
  • Purchase the best items for the lowest prices!
  • Have first access to one-of-a-kind items!
  • As a Seller, you will earn a higher percentage of your Sales!
  • Serve your community by working for and with other parents!
  • Enter the ½ price day sale before the public!

How to Join the Program:

Will you be a Work Exchanger or a SUPER Work Exchanger?

Work Exchangers choose (1) 4 or (1) 5 hour shift of their choice and shop at 8:30am during the private Work Exchangers Sale and shop at 8:00am on Sunday’s 1/2 price day sale!  If selling too, you will earn 70% of your sales!

SUPER Work Exchangers choose at least two shifts equaling 8 or more hours. SUPER Work Exchangers shop at 8:00am during the private Work Exchange Sale and also shop at 8:00am on Sunday’s 1/2 price day sale!  If selling too, you will earn 75% of your sales!

Below is the Fall 2016 schedule.


*Strong women and men are needed during the Set-up, Breakdown & Loading/Unloading Shifts.

Click Here to Access the Work Exchange Schedule

Our system allows you to sign up, make changes or cancel your shift yourself. If you need to make a change, simply go to our online schedule, log in and make changes.

Please Note: The Work Exchange Schedule fills up quickly. If you cancel your shift, you may not be able to secure a different shift. Please make sure you can commit to your shift BEFORE signing up.

If you sign up and then decide not to take part in the program, please log-in and cancel your shift ASAP, so that others are allowed to take your place. We ask that you avoid this situation by not signing up until you are 100% sure that you will be able to join us, but if a cancellation can not be avoided, please cancel your shift right away.

Print, fill out & bring your Work Exchange CHECK-IN FORM to your first work shift or the Wednesday Work Exchange Sale, whichever comes first.

Work Exchange Info & Check-In Form


~Who can shop with me?

~Where do I line up?

~How do I obtain my pass?

Click here for our Policies, Procedures & FAQ page to get answers to the questions above & much more.

All Work Exchangers must read the policies thoroughly.

Mandatory policies are in place and are strictly enforced to preserve the integrity of this program. It is the Work Exchangers responsibility to be familiar with & agree to these policies.

Thank your for Working with us! Your help is needed and very appreciated! ~Kids Exchange Staff


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