Who can sell?  How much do I make?

Kids Exchange is open to the public. Anyone is welcome to SELL with the Kids Exchange.

  • Seller’s make 2/3 of their asking price
  • A $15 Selling fee is deducted from each Seller’s check to help cover the cost of building rent.
  • Sellers receive (2) passes to the Seller’s Sale, allowing you & a guest to shop before the public.
  • Sellers tag & place their items out for sell, and then pick up (or donate) unsold items at the end of the sale. Sellers are NOT required to be onsite during the event.
  • Checks are mailed two weeks after the Sale.


What can I sell?


ANYTHING that can used for Infants to Pre-Teens!


Clothing (up boys & girls size 22)  * baby equipment * toys * strollers * sporting goods * shoes * books * videos *


kids electronics * kids room decor * kids linens * bikes & ride-on toys * kids furniture * cribs * pack & plays


doll houses * outdoor play equipment * slides * basketball goals * sandboxes * desks…..






6 simple steps to selling


  1. Register as a Seller for the upcoming Sale (New & Returning Sellers)
  2. Print tags
  3. Tag your items
  4. Place items on the sales floor during our receiving days
  5. Pick up unsold items (or donate)
  6. Cash your check & enjoy your CLEAN CLOSETS!


*Continue to read complete Tagging Instructions by clicking on ‘Selling & Tagging Instructions’ in the next column over. 


*If this process feels overwhelming or you are our of time, simply click on ‘Tagging Services’ (located on the top Menu Bar) and you can request a mom or dad in the KX Community to pick up and tag your items for you





Seller Links and Forms:


*Click here for Consignor Check-In Form


*Click here for Printable building map


*Click here for ABC List for item placement @ Drop-Off


*Please contact Durham Rescue Mission directly to request a charity tax form.


*Click here for DROP-OFF, PICK-UP or TAGGING SERVICE & get help handling your items.


 *Click here for Drop-Off Details & helpful hints (Notes for videos 1-4 below)

*Click here for details on selling and organizing books, puzzles and games.


The Kids Exchange has developed a very active group of parents who are willing to offer their services and time in tagging your items and getting them out to the Sale For you.  We use a Facebook private group for communication between those needing help and parents offering their services.  To join our Facebook Tagging group and post your needs or services you would like to provide, please click on the link below to join and we will get you connected right away.  Don’t let your tight schedule or being short on time keep you from having ‘CLEAN CLOSETS & FULL POCKETS’. Get connected today by clicking the link below and request to join the page: 






(A printable version of the info below is available by scrolling to the bottom of this page and choosing ‘View Selling Manual’.)    

*If this process feels overwhelming or you are our of time, simply click on ‘Tagging Services’ (located on the top Menu Bar) and you can request a mom or dad in the KX Community to pick up and tag your items for you!


Selling & Tagging Instructions

Selling Instructions

If you are a new seller, please read thru each step thoroughly. 

The Basics

  • Kids Exchange is open to the public.  Anyone is welcome to become a Seller.
  • Sellers make 2/3rd of their asking price
  • A $15 Selling fee is deducted from each Seller’s check to help cover the cost of building rent.  
  • Sellers receive (2) passes to the Seller’s Sale, allowing you & a guest to shop before the general public.
  • Sellers tag & place their items out for sell, and then pick up (or donate) unsold items at the end of the sale.    Sellers are NOT required to be onsite during the event.
  • Your check will be mailed two weeks after the Sale.   
Simple Selling Steps
  1. Register as a Seller for the upcoming Sale (New & Returning Sellers)
  2. Print tags
  3. Tag your items
  4. Place items on the sales floor during our receiving days
  5. Pick up unsold items (or donate)
  6. Cash your check & enjoy your CLEAN CLOSETS!


Items Needed
  • Pastel or Neon colored Card Stock Paper (light colors only) – no DARK colored paper please (dark red, dark blue, etc)
  • White Card Stock Paper
  • Scissors
  • Ink pen
  • Hole punch
  • Zip ties (also called ‘cable ties’)
  • Quart & gallon size plastic bags (depending on the size of your shoes and loose items.)
  • Packing tape
  • Metal hangers (available for free at most local dry cleaners)
Mandatory guidelines

*White cardstock = items to go to charity 

*Pastel or Neon card stock = pick up unsold items

*NO dark colored card stock (scanning will not work properly)

*Barcodes should be all one size, and without any spaces in the middle.  If your barcode prints in two different sizes or with a space in the middle, please do not use them and contact julie@kidsexchange.net 

Do not use:   ”””””’ lllllllll

Barcodes should look like this:  lllllllllllllll

Please DO NOT BOLD your barcodes. The Kids Exchange scanners do not easily read barcodes printed in BOLD.

Printing Tags
  • Choose the LOGIN option, located on the top Menu Bar
  • If you are a new seller, choose ‘I need a consignor number’.  Once you have an account, follow the instructions below.
  • If you are a returning Seller, input your Seller # and password (last 4 digits of your phone # we have on file).    If you do not know your Seller #, you can request an email reminder.
  • Once in your account, choose ‘Order Barcodes’ on the left side of the screen
  • Enter quantity, price and discount option then submit ~ Continue ordering different price & quantity amount until finished
  • Submit the order in the right-hand box and then print tags on cardstock weight paper.  

Card Stock Guidelines
  • White card stock = give item to charity if unsold
  • Colored card stock = I will pick item up if unsold
  • Grey, ivory or off-white is always considered WHITE and will be donated.
  • Use a ‘true color’ cardstock when tagging items for pick-up if unsold.
  • Kids exchange tags must be used

CARDSTOCK paper must be used. (Copy paper is too thin and will not be accepted.)

  • Please do not use red cardstock – computer scanners do not like the red background.
  • Please do not use dark cardstock colors that are hard to read text and pricing.
  • Neon and pastel cardstock colors work great.


Tagging instructions

Quality & Condition:

  • All items must be clean & in good condition
  • No holes, stains or missing buttons, etc.
  • Please only bring items meeting these high standards. Unacceptable items will be pulled from the racks and donated.



1.)     Write in the Size:

  • Top right corner of tag
  • Use numerical sizing (2T, 3T, etc.)  not S, M, L

2.)    Write in Description:

  • Bottom center of tag
  • Important in case tag falls off

3.)    Hole Punch

  • Hole Punch where indicated on your tag
  • Not too close to the corner
    • Optional: feel free to use hole punch reinforcements on high priced items.  You may also reinforce with clear packing tape around the hole punch

4.)    Zip Tie: (mandatory)

      • Attach tag to button hole, belt loop or collar tag of item
      • Tag MUST be visible from the front torso of the item
      • Use safety pens ONLY if there is no place to zip tie (not recommended)


Write a brief description under the price. If size does not apply, leave top right corner blank.

Securing tags to toys & equipment:

  • Use zip ties whenever possible
  • If needed, use clear packing tape
  • Small Items, Loose Toys & small shoes:
    • Place in zip lock bag with tag inside- security close / tape bags


If you are bringing 10+ books for sale, it is mandatory that you bring them in a cardboard box.  Boxes will be used to display books for ease in shopping.

  • Please place the books in the box with the spines facing up.
  • Cut all four of the box sides off so that the box is only deep enough for your tallest book.   When shoppers are looking down at the boxes, they should be able to read the titles on the book spines. 


  • Plastic toys: use a sharpie marker and write the following on the bottom of the item: Seller #, Price, Sort #. It is likely that these items will be place in an outdoor sales area. In the case of rain, this marking will ensure you are paid. This process goes for all LARGE plastic toys (too large to display on a table), whether they were used indoor or outdoor by your child.
  • Tags these items with a normal price tag as well. The underneath marking is a secondary security.
  • Items include bikes, cozy coops, scooters, outside playgrounds, toy boxes, ……. ANYTHING PLASTIC that rain will not effect.
  • Please note: Kids Exchange Staff may move such items outside during the sale. It is the Seller’s responsibility to mark the bottom of LARGE plastic items, even if they are dropped off inside the building.
  • This is a mandatory policy protecting Sellers and ensuring they are paid for items. 

Limitations and restrictions

  • Stuffed Animals: Do not bring stuffed animals that were not originally priced $12+.    Your Kids Exchange price on tags must be $5 and up.
    • Limit 3 stuffed animals per seller
  • Shoes: Limit 5 pairs per Seller & must be priced $3 and u

Sorting numbers

    • You will see your ‘Sale Specific’ Sort # on the bottom right corner of your tag. This number will change every sale.
    • Your Sort # is used to place your unsold items where you can find them for easy pick-up after the Sale.
    • It is the Seller’s responsibility to check the City on the top of the tag and the date under the Sort # to make sure they are using the right city tag and Sort # for the upcoming Sale.

Approved Hangers 

  • Use only adult metal hangers – Plastic breaks and items ends up on the floor
  • Available (free or low cost) @ most dry cleaners
  • Safety pen small clothes on the outside of adult hangers
  • Face hanger opening to the left

Important note about tagging your items

  • Parent volunteers sort each and every unsold item that Sellers tag w/ a color tag
  • This process is VERY labor intensive
  • If Sellers price all items with a color tag and then leave a portion for charity, these items were sorted without reason and the volunteers’ time wasted
  • Please understand the system and make the right choice to use both white cardstock and color card stock when tagging your items. Only use colored card stock for items that you absolutely must have back if unsold. Please consider donating to those in need by using white card stock.
  • Thank you for tagging correctly ensuring that our sorting system is accurate and manageable. Thank you also for respecting the time of our parent volunteers.

What to sell

Sellers can bring any items relating to kids from pregnancy to teens! Below, please find a partial list of items to get you thinking in the right direction. Any items used by kids is welcome!

*Please note: because of space restrictions, the Raleigh NC Sale does not have room for maternity clothes or adult home furnishing 

Please only bring items for sale that are in gently worn, like new condition.

Items with holes, stains & excess wear can not be sold.

Thank you for helping Kids Exchange remain a quality event. 

MANDATORY For Cribs:  

If you wish to sell a crib with a drop down side, you MUST order the ‘drop side recall kit’ from your manufacture and install the ‘kit’ to the crib before bringing the crib for sale.  Kits must be attached and working (not included in a bag).    Cribs without kits attached will not be allowed on the sales floor.  ALL cribs with drop down sides have been recalled and are included this mandatory requirement. 

Items to Sell

Baby Equipment: Infant Items:  Kids Room Accessories:
Cribs bottles artwork
infant swings receiving blankets lamps
exersaucers onsies rugs
walkers nursing pillows linens
toddler beds maternity books nick-nacks
highchairs nursing pumps desks
strollers infant gyms shelves
changing tables infant toys kids tables / chairs
gliders / ottomans feeding items dressers
rocking chairs tubs bunk beds
car seats  potties twin & queen beds
car booster seats diaper genies NO MATTRESSES PLEASE
pack-n-plays baby gates bean bags
port-a-cribs snuggles video game chairs
diaper bags toy boxes
Miscellaneous: bouncy seats
books Johnny jump ups Play equipment:
homeschooling items toy boxes
electric learning toys Toys: sliding boards
videos Any toy is welcome! play sets
video game & systems basketball goals
board games Clothing: swimming pools
puzzles Boys preemie – 16+ kitchens
Girls preemie – 16+ tool benches
electric jeeps



PRICE TO SELL! There’s nothing more rewarding than cleaning out your closets AND making money at the same time!

A good rule-of-thumb for ALL types of items: price 1/4 – 1/3 of the original retail. This varies according to the brand of your items and the condition they are in. Generally items should never be priced over 1/3 the original price unless they are new, never used, in the original packaging or with tags. 

Let things go for 1/2 price on the last day of the sale! It’s better to get 50% and clean out your closets than to get items back that you don’t need.   When printing your tags, only say ‘NO’ to the discount option on the select few items that you do not want to go 1/2 price the last day of the sale.   If you plan to donate your unsold items by tagging with a white tag, definitely say ‘YES’ to the discount option when printing your tags!



 $2-4 for play shirts & shorts

 $3-7 for nicer shirts or shorts

 $6-10 for nice 2-piece outfits

 $4-8 for jeans or khakis

 $6-15 for nice dresses

 $10-18 for multiple-piece sets

 These are examples for your more common brands, such as Carters, GAP, Ralph Lauren, Children’s Place, Old Navy, Osh Kosh, Gymboree, etc. Boutique and European brands such as Baby Lulu, Baby Nay, Mis Tee V Us, Strasburg, Orient Expressed, Matilda Jane, Peaches N Cream, Baby Sara, etc. could be priced at 30-35% of retail or $2-8 higher than the prices above, depending on their condition.


 Toddler shoes: $4-5 $5-10.

 Flip-flops: under $3.

 Current, name-brand shoes in excellent condition: $8-10

 Boutique branded shoes: $10+



 (Prices vary greatly based on their condition, style and features.)

 Average Single Stroller Price: $20-$65

 Double strollers and Infant combos are price higher on average.

 Google Search for the original price and then choose 1/4 – 1/3 based on condition.

 Cribs: usually range from $25-100 (depending on their age, style, condition and brand.)

 Boutique cribs could go as high as several hundred. Price 1/4 – 1/3 or the original price.

 Infant swings: $25 – $65

 Highchairs: $25 – $50

 Note: all cribs with drop down sides must include an update kit to stop sides from dropping. See crib manufacture’s website.

 Walkers and Bouncy Seats: $8-25.

 Exer-saucers: $10-35.

 Car Seats: $15-50

 Pack-n-Plays: $10-50.


 DVD’s: $1-8.


Recalled Items

It is the Seller’s responsibility not to sell recalled items. If an item is in question, check the Consumer Protection website for recalls, or Google search the toy, furniture, car seat, etc. that is in question to make sure it is not flagged as a recall. 

Another option is to go directly to the manufacture’s website for a list of recalls.  The Consumer Protection Agency requires Resellers (which are the Sellers themselves) not to sell recalled items.  For your best interest as a Reseller, please make sure that recalled items are not brought to the sale.  Thank you.

View & Print the Selling Manual

Please read the instructions on this page carefully.  When you’re ready to register and print tags, click the Register & Print Tags button to begin!